Best Websites For Law Students In India [2023]

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Looking for the best websites for law students?

We are going to show you the best websites for law students and for law researchers in India.

Reading and learning are two of the most important aspects of being a lawyer. Ideas should not be merely confined to the thinker but shared if they are to grow and improve.

Legal websites and blogs offer a place for laymen & legal experts alike to think, research & share information in an effort to improve & develop the law in the 21st century. This is especially helpful in light of the fact that the world runs largely on internet usage nowadays.

There are a lot of legal search portals that analyze Indian case data in great detail and provide study material to students. Some of them could be considered Indian legal search portals in the form of online blogs or portals.

What happens when a question comes to your mind that which are the most effective top law websites for lawyers and law students in India?

Or Which websites are helpful and useful for law students and advocates?

Where can we find simple legal information?

Where can we look for precedents of higher courts?

Which website can help me to gain knowledge and information about the Laws and Procedures in India?

In this article, I have got a list for you that will provide you with a complete list of legal websites for law students for Legal Knowledge and procedures, etc.

These websites are helpful and very useful for law students, legal researchers, advocates, and even judges.

I have actually been researching a lot about the aspect’s best sites for law students in India. And today I have found a few very useful and helpful law websites in India. 

These websites look to have law guides on all standard topics: Divorce, IPC, Cr. P. C, Labor Law, Consumer, Corporate, Property, and more.

The guides are very simple and useful to understand and are written from the perspective of a common person.

This is a great resource for everybody. For law students, lawyers, advocates, legal researchers, and attorneys.

Top Best Websites For Law Students In India

Best Websites for Law Students In India

1. Lawctopus

Lawctopus is a source for law students in India. They house internship experiences of law students, articles on career advice, call for papers, essay competitions, and more.

2. iPleaders | India’s Biggest Legal Blog

iPleaders is a team of lawyers committed to improving accessibility for those interested in law.

They’ve been involved in helping Universities around the world to produce world-class courses. Subjects such as entrepreneurship, intellectual property law, and workplace diversity, as well as finance and sexual harassment prevention, can be found on iPleader’s e-Learning platform.

3. Bar & Bench | The New Face of Legal Journalism in India

Bar & Bench is a news and analysis portal for the legal fraternity in India. They provide the latest in news, information, interviews, and columns across all areas of law.

4. Legal Bites | Law And Beyond

Legal Bites is an online platform launched in 2016 for law and ed-tech. It provides content on various topics and has been ranked among the top 20 Dispute Resolution Blogs in the world.

5. India Legal Live

India Legal is a magazine with up-to-date investigative articles, exclusives, and insightful features. It provides features such as Apex-High Court News and Law Articles for Indian Residents.

6. SpicyIP | De-Coding Indian Intellectual Property Law

This blog is mainly about patent and copyright law and was founded in 2005 by Prof. Shamnad Basheer. SpicyIP is India’s leading blog that mainly focuses on intellectual property and innovation law policy.

The purpose of this blog is to create transparency throughout the Indian intellectual property industry. The website aims to address key gaps in existing intellectual property coverage.

7. Amlegals

Amlegals is an Ahmedabad & Mumbai based law firm in India for Indirect Tax, i.e Goods & Service Tax (GST) in India, IPR, Arbitration, Contract, Civil, and Environmental Laws.

8. The Amikus Qriae

They have been providing quality contributions to legal debates and game-changing developments in the law to the public.

The aim of the Amikus Qriae is to share legal knowledge with the rest of the world. You can find all sorts of articles on different legal topics, as well as case studies, self-help guides, and more.

10. Live Law

Live Law provides Indian legal news, updates on the latest developments in law & related firms, and information on law school news. They aim to make high-quality legal journalism accessible for all.

Their mission is to bring transparency and provide accurate, unbiased news. They are committed to providing their readers with the latest information from the legal sector.

11. Vkeel

Vkeel gives you access to the current list of top lawyers in India. You can also get free legal advice from India’s best free legal advisor here. Get all the information you need for your legal issues without any cost.

12. Fastlegal

Fastlegal offers services such as IP registration and filing, company registration, taxation returns, compliance with legislation drafting and annual filings, etc.

13. Legal Desire

Legal Desire is a publisher of popular legal industry trends and insights in every major law practice area. They cover recent legal news, judicial decisions, interviews with key players in the industry, internships and careers in law, legal conferences, and law school events.

14. Law Corner | An Online Law Learning Platform

Law Corner is an online platform that aims to help you stay in the loop with anything related to law. You can get up-to-date news updates for various areas of law, or read our articles about the latest legal issues.

15. LexForti Legal News & Journal offers legal news and resources such as daily headlines and articles with a wide variety of information.

LexForti Legal News & Journal contains a vast assortment of resources that help with understanding contemporary legal issues.

16. Nri Legal Services | Property lawyers in India

Get helpful legal advice on property disputes from the top lawyers in India. This law firm works exclusively with NRIs, so you can rest assured that your case will be given high priority. They have 18 years of experience in the field.

17. The Cyber Blog India | Cyber Security Awareness and Training

We cover important issues and topics that are relevant to their readers’ lives. Their articles are usually not too long or drawn out. We want people to get the information they need quickly and efficiently. They don’t like constantly bugging them with ads, emails, or other irrelevant content.


This is a website for lawyers and advocates in India. It publishes news and articles about legal matters in India, with opportunities like internships and essay competitions.

19. The Lex-Warrier | Online Law Journal | UGC approved law journal

They’re here to help you become a better legal researcher and encourage you and other future legal professionals to explore and experiment with different areas of law.

The LexWarrier is a much-needed online platform to discuss legal matters in India and raise awareness among stakeholders.

20. Criminal Law Review

This site provides free access to materials on criminal law including but not limited to casebooks, course materials, research sources, law reviews & journals. You can also find information about scholars whose work has influenced the field of criminal law.

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