How to become a lawyer in India (Complete Guide)

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Howdy readers.

Today I am going to talk about how to become a lawyer in India, what is the eligibility to become a lawyer and many other things.

Nowadays in India and all over the world also, students become passionate to know how to become a lawyer in India, because it was a dream of many students.

how to become a lawyer in india

How to become a lawyer in India

So, if you want to know everything in detail about how to be a lawyer, then you are at the right place, here you will get to know many things like lawyer eligibility,  job details, Lawyer Salary, work of a lawyer, types of a lawyer, skills of Lawyer,  and many more.

Who is Lawyer?

A lawyer/Advocate is a person who has knowledge about law and legal procedures and can appear and plead for a person before the court of law.

A lawyer’s job is to give advice to his client for any legal situation, and a lawyer has to fight for justice of his client, in court.

A lawyer has to complete the below-given task for any case of his clients.

> Attend the court daily in ongoing case days and be prepared for the case.

> Research for evidence.

> Collect all needed and legal documents from clients.

> Fight for justice in court by the legal way, as per rule of court.

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Skills a Lawyer should have

These below-given skills are mandatory for every Lawyer.

> Communication skills should be good.

> General awareness

> Be Active

> Time management

> Research skills.

> Be creative

> Instant thinking

> Provide good service to clients.

> Updates about new inventions/technology.

Types Of Lawyer in India

A lawyer has many different field options available, they can select in which field they are interested. This is Very Vast fields for a career.

Mainly lawyer is classified into two categories:

1. Civil Lawyer

2. Criminal Lawyer

Civil Lawyer connects with cases like frauds, If there is no crime then it will come under a civil lawyer.

Criminal Lawyer connects with cases like murder, If there is murder or related to it then it comes under a criminal lawyer.

There are many different types of lawyer also there:

Personal Injury Lawyer: When a person gets injured physically and or by physiological.      

Eg: Traffic collisions, workplace injuries, etc.

Property Lawyer: Secure personal property and real estate business of the person. And it also includes designs, inventions, and artworks.

Eg: Licensing inventions, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Copyright law, etc.

Bankruptcy lawyer: Its all related to bank matters.

Eg: Loans

Family Law: Its include Family matters and relationship.

Eg: Divorce, Child custody, etc.

Immigration Lawyer:  This lawyer helps persons who want to go abroad for whatever reason, it may be to settle abroad.

Eg: Visa, Passport, etc.

Digital world lawyer: Related to the Online world of the Internet.

Eg: Copyright issue, website, Privacy policy, etc.

There are many other lawyers also there, as I told this is the Vast field.

How to Become Lawyer in India

To become a lawyer in India or any other country you need a degree of law, with that it also has eligibility criteria to become a lawyer in India, it may be different for different countries. Here we see for India only.

Eligibility Criteria For Lawyer

Candidates who want to apply for a lawyer job then they have to fulfill this eligibility criterion, then only they can apply for a job.

10 + 2 pass out, with a minimum of 50%. (45% minimum in case of SC/ST)

Age should be less than 20 Years. (Less than 22 years in case of SC/ST)

Bachler degree with a minimum of 50%.

There are two types of course to become a lawyer in India.

  • 5Year Integrated LL.B Course
  • 3Year LL.B Course

5 Year Integrated LLB Course is for students who just pass out their 10+2 (12th) with board exam of any stream like Science, Commerce or Arts.

It Includes course like:






It is a total of 5 years’ course.

3 Year LL.B Course is for students who completed their graduation, and it must have a minimum 50% marks in graduation degree.

The path you Have to Follow

Complete 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks from the board exam of any state of India. With the age of under 20.

Complete 3 or 4 years of graduation degree with minimum 50% marks.

After completing the above-given course, select your path in LL.B.

Now give the entrance exam like CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

Salary/Earning of Lawyers In India

Its all depend on the experience and skills of a lawyer, as I told you above there are different types of lawyer, so it depends on which field you want to be.

Generally, in India lawyers earn up to 4 to 6 Lakh annually

Property lawyer generally earns around 5 to 7 lakh annually.

A criminal lawyer generally earns around 8 to 10 Lakh annually.

So now your query about how to become a lawyer in India is solved, and now you have no doubt about this question, so now just work hard and archive your goal, All the best.

Query Solved:

All this question answers are given above in this article.

Q. How to become a lawyer in India.

Q. How to become a lawyer in India after 12th.

Q. How to become a lawyer in India after Graduation.

Q. What is the Salary of Lawyer.

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