What ZERO FIR? How to file a report

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Everyone knows about FIR. But have you heard about Zero FIR? What is a zero FIR? In which cases, zero FIR can be lodged, how is it lodged and how effective is this zero FIR?

You will find the answers to all these questions in this article.

What is FIR?

The First Information Report is a type of document, on the basis of which the police starts their action, to punish the offender.

For taking action against the criminal, offender we file a complaint with the police for the crime is called First Information Report or FIR.

In the FIR, the police can arrest the accused without a warrant. It is only recorded in cognizable offences such as murder, rape, theft, assault etc.

What is NCR (Non-Cognizable Report)?

In minor incidents like non-cognizable offences such as abusive speech, the police do not have the right to arrest anyone without a warrant.

Such a case has to be sent to the Judicial Magistrate first. In such cases, NCR (Non-Cognizable Report)is filed.

Difference between NCR and FIR?

If any of your goods have been stolen, an FIR will be filed. Whereas if it is lost, then NCR will be registered.

After the FIR the police initiate action to punish the accuse. There is a risk of misuse of something you have stolen.

In such a situation you may get caught in a crime, which you have not done.

To avoid such situation FIR should be lodged. An FIR should be lodged immediately after the incident. It is also necessary to give clear reasons for the delay.

What is Zero FIR?

Zero FIR

Generally, an FIR should be lodged in the police station near the site of the incident.

But if the victim is required to lodge a complaint at an outside station under any circumstances, then the complaint is later transferred to the concerned police station.

It can be transferred only through a senior officer. The FIR lodged in the police station or any other area beyond the boundary of the incident is called zero FIR.

Zero FIR is also called NIL FIR.

Justice Verma Committee Report recommended the provision of Zero FIR, after the December 2012 gang rape of a 23- year old girl in Delhi.

“In addition to every individual being able to register an FIR at any police station irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the crime was complained of in writing, every individual must also be able to register his complaint online on a designated website.

After this, a complaint number should be automatically generated so the complainant can track the FIR.

The same complaint would then be generated at the nearest police station and a copy would also be provided to an ombudsman office located in every district. It will still be the case that an FIR cannot be registered anonymously and the individual who has registered an FIR online will then have to go to any police station to verify his identity and the FIR. [Justice Verma Committee Report]”

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